About our Ministry

The Northeast Bible Fellowship Church was founded by Pastor Eddie W. Sinegal, Sr. The church started as a bible study in 2002 in the home of Marvin and Guillerma Noble at Loma Del Rey in El Paso, Texas. The bible study outgrew the Noble’s home that same year and in the month of September 2002, moved to the Sinegal’s home at 11149 Loma Grande, El Paso, Texas. In December of 2002, we prayed for a bigger facility to conduct bible study. God granted the prayers of the righteous and a beautiful thing happened in the month of February of 2003. We received a bigger building for bible study. While meeting for bible study at Nixon Elementary, Roger Pritchett motioned that our bible study become a church. The motion was second and passed; bible study became a church on February 18, 2003. In March 2003, the church opened an account at Wells Fargo under the name of Northeast Bible Fellowship Church. The name of the church was created by Sibrena Sinegal, wife of Pastor Eddie Sinegal, Sr.. It was named Northeast due to the family living in the Northeast, Bible due to bible being the Word breath of God, and Fellowship due to the love both Pastor and Lady Sibrena have for fellowship with people.


Although we were blessed with an adequate facility to have bible study, the church could only afford to rent the school building one day of the week and that was on Saturdays for church worship. Bible study continued to be at the Sinegal’s home from 2002-2005. We worshipped at Nixon Elementary on Saturday nights for church services for one year, 2003-2004. “A Saturday Night Church with a Sunday Morning Mentality”, was Northeast Bible Fellowship’s motto.


In 2004, on Easter Sunday morning, Northeast Bible Fellowship moved worship service from Nixon Elementary to Veterans Park. Worshipping on Sunday was a prayer answered. Our motto was “Doing More in 2004”. Sunday Worship grew during our time at Veterans Park and the church began to pray again for a bigger place of worship. On Easter Sunday morning in 2005, Northeast Bible Fellowship started worshiping at 5050 Yvette. In 2008 we moved to 5505 Threadgill Avenue where we currently worship. We burned our church mortgage after 7 and a half years.


God again has favored Northeast Bible Fellowship. Impacted by the City of El Paso to control flooding, we have relocated to 4925 Fairbanks Drive which has adequate space for our current ministries in addition to the ability to add additional ministries to serve that community. We give God the Glory for the entrance celebration into our new church on Easter Sunday, 2018 now renamed as Northeast Bible Restoration Church.

To God be the glory!