About our Pastor

Pastor Sinegal & Co-Pastor  Sibrena Sinega

Pastor Sinegal is the 6th child born to Annie and Curly Sinegal of Port Arthur Texas. Pastor Sinegal accepted his call to the ministry at the age of 23. Just 2 short years later he was ordained a Baptist Minister. It was during this time that he pursued a Bachelors degree in Religion from Bishop College.


Pastor Sinegal accepted his first church in Sulfur Springs, Texas in 1995 where he Pastored there for 4 years. This experience led him to starting Northeast Bible Restoration church in 2002.


Pastor Sinegal is the epitome of what it means to be a dedicated man of God. His passion for the word and his community is like none other. Pastor Sinegal has the gift of Evangelism and does not mind sharing how awesome God has been to him wherever he goes! It is under his leadership that Northeast Bible Restoration Church continues to thrive and souls are being saved.


Pastor Sinegal has a loving wife of 31 years, our Co Pastor and First Lady Sibrena Sinegal. They are the proud parents to 5 children, Albert, Aaron*, Amber, Eddie Jr., and Alyssa* Sinegal. Two of them have already received their wings in heaven.